Undercover Mama — and July 4th Sale!

Breastfeeding moms, do you ever wish you could wear your non-nursing tees and tanks, and still nurse without flashing the public? With Undercover Mama nursing tanks, you can do exactly that! As their slogan says, Make any shirt a nursing shirt!

Undercover Mama bundle

The tanks, which are form fitting and work nicely under any not-too-tight top, have little silicone loops on top that go over your nursing bra hooks. (As well as little hooks you can use, if you don’t want to do the loops.) Ingenious!

Whenever I want to nurse in of my non-nursing tees, these babies are my go-to! I have them in gray, and white and black, which I got in a value bundle. The fabric is soft and comfy, and has held up well to many washes (and machine dries — oops!) in the past year. The tanks do peek out from the top and/or bottom of most of my shirts, but I like that look.

On warm days when I just want to wear a loose top by itself, I sometimes just throw one of these tanks into my bag (they fold up very small) — I can always wiggle into it later if baby wants to nurse, and it sure beats a hot, stuffy cover.

Here I’m wearing the UC tank ($24.99) in gray under my regular J.Crew linen tank:

Undercover Mama Top

And here is just the UC tank, loops over nursing bra straps:

For sizing, I went rogue when it came to the size chart. With an H cup/37ish chest diameter, the chart recommended a L or XL. However, they also advise ordering a size smaller than your regular shirt size, and I wear a Medium in tops normally. Based on that guidance, I’d order an S, but that seemed like it would be way too tight.

Undercover Size Chart

Since either a L/XL or S was recommended, I decided to go with a Medium, and it’s perfect. It’s form fitting but roomy in the stomach, and fits snugly but comfortably over the chest. So, if you have a massive chest but are smallish everywhere else, I suggest getting your regular t-shirt size.

The length is on the longer side, which is great for coverage. It almost totally covers my butt, though I’m 5’2” with a short torso.

The top is also designed for maternity, which I haven’t tried personally, but can definitely see working if you like tighter maternity tops.

The price is also very reasonable — $24.99 for one, or $40 for a value bundle. They also have a new “Cool Mama” top made of a wicking fabric. Ooh, I’m intrigued!

Also — Undercover Mama is having a big July 4th sale — 25% off all nursing tanks with code July25.

Check them out here!

Disclosure: I got nothing for this post. Although, I wouldn’t say no! 😉 

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