Shepardia Goes KonMari: Part 7

Part 7 is pretty straightforward: unmentionables!

This category was the easiest by far, as there were a lot of painfully old items that needed to be thanked for their service and sent on their way. (It is difficult to rationalize keeping gross old granny panties with holes in them.) It was also a great opportunity to take stock and get some badly needed nice, new underwear. Undergarments really are important. As Marie Kondo says, they are right there next to you, working hard every day to support you. They’re the foundation for everything else you wear, after all!

I also included socks, stockings, and bathing suits while I was at it, since I have so few. (KonMari advises doing them later, with “uniforms.” So.)


Left: the discard group — appropriately in a Godiva bag. Right: the keepers. All my bathing suits, socks, underwear, and stockings/bras. Everything now fits neatly and attractively in my top drawer (Ikea Malm), and my underwears get a more even rotation because I now go for the one in the front, then go in order from there. I only kept a couple of non-nursing bras. The ones I got rid of I’ve had forever, and they are shot. Pretty sure I deserve a couple of new bras if needed once the baby is weaned.

I have to say, it gives me a little boost to start each day opening up this super neat drawer. This is the life-changing magic, guys!

Next up, I will begin my KonMari with Kids! That’s right, I’m tackling my kids’ stuff along with my own. And I’m making up some of my own KonMari rules along the way — ShepPat, we can call it — because it’s sort of uncharted territory in the KonMari archives. I decided to do my kids’ stuff parallel to my stuff. Since I’ve just done my clothes, their clothes are next. (This also allows me to procrastinate on my accessories. Phew.)

Stay tuned!

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