Shepardia goes KonMari: Part 6

Don’t worry, I’m not done KonMari’ing. It’s just tough to find a good time to lay out and go through piles of crap, without little people getting in the way. Still chugging along though.

Part 6: Dresses! An easy one, as I don’t have too many.


Before, and after. Only a couple of dresses didn’t make the cut, as I still adore & wear all of the others. Except not too often right now — only on rare occasions that I’m away from the baby — because they’re not nursing friendly! Argh! Still searching for one that is…my black maxi is pull-downable, but it’s not ideal…

And as noted in the previous section, the wedding dress (not pictured) also stays. With a cardigan or shawl, it works for black ties, and I’ll be darned if I don’t get the cost per wear on that baby down to an acceptable level. Part of me wishes I had just splurged for a really nice cocktail dress, as I could have worn that even more. But at the time looking “like a bride” seemed important. Ah well, live and learn. At least I made a good choice with the groom — that’s the important thing, right?

So, that’s it for dresses! Almost done with clothes now. It’s true what KonMari says — it really does get easier as you go along. (Though I’m positively dreading bags & shoes. That’s tough stuff.)

Next up: underwear/socks/bathing suits. This one is long overdue. Stay tuned!

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