Shepardia Goes KonMari: Part 3

Bottoms up!

Welcome to Part 3 of my KonMari tidying marathon! You can see Part 1 and Part 2 (tops and sweaters, respectively) by clicking on them. The introduction to my journey is here.

Going through my tops and sweaters, I felt like I was really getting into a good tidying groove. The next item on the list, bottoms, also went really smoothly. I ran into an issue I alluded to in Part 2, though — I don’t have enough bottoms now! Life with two little kids means I usually have to wash my pants after one wear, because they get all manner of grossness on them throughout the day. Ya know, the usual foodstuffs and bodily fluids of other humans that I still have enough dignity left not to tolerate for a second wear. I rotate through a series of elastic waist pants throughout the week, but some of them are so cringeworthy or just blah that I had to eliminate them in the KonMari purge, despite the fact that they get a lot of wear. Combine this with my inability to squeeze my slightly corpulent backside into most of the pants I kept, and you see the dilemma.

As that guy in the Lego Movie says, “Where are my paaaaants?!” — I don’t have enough pants. Sigh.

So to all my fellow parents and caregivers at preschool pickup, if you were wondering why I rocked a pair of capri Lulu Lemon yoga pants with Smartwool socks pulled up to the shins in 20 degree weather the other day, now you know.

I actually did go digging for one pair of sweatpants that didn’t make the KonMari cut, in desperation. (It was really cold out.) But as I was rooting around for them, I kept remembering how every time I put them on, it feels like giving up. So, back to the Lulu Lemon and exposed shin chic at pickup. What can you do.

I mean, clearly I need to go shopping for more elastic waist pants. But I need to finish KonMari first. And I hate shopping!

Okay, so now that I’ve ruminated sufficiently on my elastic pant issues, let’s get to it. Here are ALL THE PANTS — the top three being the ones I really live in most. Tweedle Dee (grey), Tweedle Dum (black), and Tweedle Gave Up on Self (heather blue, J.Crew clearance impulsive online purchase).

IMG_709121 pairs total. (Or, 21 pair, as some say in different regions of the USA.) Oh hello, bottom row! Those are the ghosts of corporate past. If they look like they haven’t seen action in a long time, it’s because they haven’t. Early retirement, baby!

It was really easy to cull this crew. Here are the ones who survived the purge:


11/21. Not too bad! Of these 11, I would say 4 fit in a non-embarrassing way. Hence my current difficulties with dressing myself. Anyway. Here are the ones who are headed to their next adventure:


Thank you for supporting me, pants! And farewell!

The next subcategory of pants I will tackle are my beloved yoga pants (essential for my at-home mom lifestyle) and PJ bottoms. Stay tuned!

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