Shepardia Goes KonMari: Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of my KonMari tidying marathon! (Check out the intro here.) The first category is clothes, and the first subcategory is tops. I’m nursing right now, so I really only have a few nursing tops in my daily rotation at the moment. And, being recently postpartum, right now I have a number of tops (and other clothing) that either don’t fit right or don’t fit at all (I’m looking at you, perfectly faded size 2 boot cut Lucky jeans). However, I got back into all these items after my first kid — all my really teeny tiny stuff was purged at that point as I felt like my bones had shifted away from them for good — and I’m planning (hoping?) to do the same this time around. It does take time though.

So, I decided to create a KonMari rule for myself: For purposes of tidying, pretend all your clothes fit how they are supposed to. This way, I could be really clear on the feelings the items evoked in and of themselves, instead of feelings related to wishing I were back in those clothes already.

With this rule in mind, I set about gathering all my tops in the world. And here they are.

First up, long and short sleeved tops:

All Tops

And all the sleeveless/tank tops:


Now this is where it got weird! I had to figure out this joy sparking business. I started with tops I know I love. I hugged them and really focused on that “I love you,” sensation. For me, I feel it as a little tug in my chest, like where the heart chakra is for those of you who are into the energy body. (Picked that up in my yoga training.)

Yoga Teacher Training, Spring 2012. This top, a hand me down from my friend Emilia, is still with me and made the KonMari cut!

Yoga Teacher Training, Spring 2012. Note the top.

Once I tapped into the feeling of “I love you,” — which often made me spontaneously say to the shirt something like, “Oh, you! I do love you!” — it became easier and easier to sense the absence of that feeling. Sparking joy is, after all, a positive, active attribute. So the absence of joy, and feeling of “nada” when I touched and hugged an item became the criterion for discarding. I thanked the duds for their service, and put them neatly in a bag to donate (my sister gets first dibs). As KonMari promises, it became easier and easier as I went through them.

I was amazed to learn there are so many tops I’ve been hanging on to for so long for seemingly rational reasons, which spark zero joy. I care about these duds so little that it has been years since I wore them — no bueno. One shirt in particular I haven’t worn since my high school reunion in 2009. Yeah, I know, that’s like 7 years ago. But it was on sale at Loft!

HS Reunion

2009, and looking fine!

I didn’t love it even then. Neckline a little too high, bottom hem a little too short. What do you know. Those jeans didn’t make the cut, either. (What can I say, I hate clothes shopping and wear the same stuff forever.) Still have the shoes, haven’t KonMari’d shoes yet.

Here are the shirts that made the cut:

IMG_7086 (1)

Oh hello, red and purple yoga tank! XOXO.

I have to say, I do get a thrill of joy looking at them all together like that. A feast for the eyes, all my greatest hits. It is a tantalizing taste of what it will be like to be done, and look around my abode and get to experience joy from every thing I lay eyes on — no duds!!! I can’t wait, and can totally see how this will be life changing! And, you know, magical.

After hanging up hanger type shirts and folding the rest, all of these shirts fit into half of a drawer and like 3-4 inches of closet. Nice.

Stay tuned for my next installment — sweaters!


  1. Fiona Guertin

    Hi Patricia

    It is your ‘aunt’ Fiona from across the pond!

    How happy I am to see that you have as many tank tops and t-shirt type tops as me! I was actually doing a sort-out last evening and I have probably hung on to more than I need (but they do look neat in my newly organised drawer with sections!).

    I look forward to your next installment!

    Fiona xx

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