Hi! I’m Patricia Shepard.

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BreastfeedingA topic I’m most passionate about. Includes detailed accounts of my breastfeeding experience, tips, and favorite nursing gear & fashions. I’m particularly proud of my Nursing at Disney post. (Please feel free to chime in if you have any other pro tips or breast practices.)


Home & KonMari: Literally, the housekeeping section, featuring my foray into Marie Kondo’s life-changing tidying method. As a full time at-home mom and homemaker, I’m all about keeping it simple with less stuff and more organization.

Posts: Extremely short book reviews, go-to food and drink recipes (from Labor-Aid to Xmas Chex Mix), and other random stuff.

And that’s all she wrote.

You can learn more about me here. If you have anything you want to hear me ramble about, don’t hesitate to shoot an email (hello @ patriciashepard.com) or leave me a voicemail via the red button the right.

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PS: My “Favorite Links” has been shelved for the moment, as I’m revamping my overall site design (stay tuned!) and making major updates. Thanks for your patience!