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I’m always game to try nursing clothes, as it’s all I wear these days. So I was excited when the kind people at Milk Nursingwear offered to send me a top of my choice to review. I love the simple, modest style of their pieces. Based on their suggestions, I chose the Scoop-Neck Layered Color Block Tee:

Scoop Tee

The tee has a two-layer design that gives it the look of two drapey tops combined. For nursing, the design is ideal for maximal modesty — which I am a huge fan of, since I nurse without a cover. You just lift up the top shirt, and you are totally covered by the bottom (white) shirt.

Nursing OpeningIt comes in yellow, gray, coral & blue. I was intrigued by the yellow, and thought it would be perfect for spring/summer, so I decided to go for it! I got a size Medium. (Check the size chart — the people at Milk are also super friendly and helpful if you’re unsure of your size.)

The first thing that struck me was the material — it is a super soft, thin, silky 95% rayon/5% spandex blend that is nothing like anything I currently own. My first thought was, will it wash well? So I machine washed it and lay flat to dry (though it says you can tumble dry low) before writing this. I also spent two minutes running the steamer over it because I knew I’d be blasting it all over the internet. (In case you haven’t gotten the memo, steamer = life changing.) Next time, I will machine wash and tumble dry, and report back.

Here are my pics. Selfie:

Milk Selfie 1

And front and side views:

Milk Top Pair

The tee is on the longer side, hangs nicely, and is great for skimming over lumps and bumps (read: it hides everything). With this silky fabric, you could totally dress this up with a blazer and heels, or down with jeans/leggings and flats. I’m wearing it with my black Eileen Fisher leggings, but have also worn it with dark jeans. Both looked cute.

And of course, like any nursing clothes I review, I took it for a test drive with my baby — it was comfortable, easy, and worked perfectly. (Note: I found the opening on the side, rather than the front, of the white under-layer more convenient, due to a large rack.)

So, I officially love this top, and give it my seal of approval! Thanks, Milk Nursingwear, for allowing me to try it out!

New Seal


Milk Nursingwear Scoop-Neck Layered Color Block Tee ($44).

Milk Nursingwear. They’re having a massive end of the season sale, at the time of this posting, which I will definitely be checking out.

Eileen Fisher Leggings ($98).

Let me know what you think of this top in the Comments!

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