Jojo Maman Bébé – My Fave Nursing Cardigan

So many of my favorite things have come out of the UK — The Beatles, Marmite, and my dear Aunt & cousins, to name a few (especially my favorite cousin Jenny – Hi, Jenny!). And of course, Jojo Maman Bébé! This UK-based clothing company specializes in cute, comfy, and practical clothes for moms (maternity & nursing) and babies.

This brand makes one of my all-time favorite, go-to clothing items — the Waterfall Nursing Cardigan ($69) in Navy. It also comes in Charcoal, and I gotta say, I’m tempted. So tempted.

Waterfall Cardigan Navy

I originally got this cardigan as a maternity item with my first, but it quickly became a staple of both my pregnant and non-pregnant wardrobes. I get compliments on it constantly. It is super soft, has held up very well (machine wash cold, then lay flat to dry), can be dressed up or down, and has the perfect amount of drape. You can leave it open and let it dangle:

Jojo Waterfall Front Open

(PS: Those are my new Lula Roe leggings. It’s true what they say — like buttah! But harder to get your hands on than tickets to Hamilton.)

Or you can button it up for a cute cowl effect:

Jojo Maman 2 views

The weight is versatile for all seasons, cozy but fairly thin and not too warm. And as the name suggests, it’s great for nursing. You could easily use it as a cover. I use it as a blanket for the baby. He loves snuggling under it while we nurse, and playing with the button on the shoulder. FYI, I’m in a size Medium, and love the slouchy, longer fit. (5’2” and a quarter, for reference.)

Another item I’m eager to try is this nursing dress, which came highly recommended by my best friend from law school, Emily: the Navy Breton Stripe Nursing Dress ($69).

Navy Breton Stripe Nursing Dress 69

Have you tried any of Jojo Maman Bébé’s nursing or maternity fashions? Or are there other brands that you love and recommend? Shout ’em out in the Comments!

Disclaimer: I get nada for this post except the satisfaction of sharing my favorite nursing cardigan with my mamas out there, which is compensation enough! But, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying some things . . . Hint hint, Jojo! 😉


  1. Sarah

    Yes! I bought a few Jojo nursing tops from back in the fall and loved them! One was a sweater so will be put away for the summer. Will have to check back for tanks or tees!

  2. Kelly Jordan

    I love the DKNY Cozy sweater for pregnancy and nursing. Same concept, and you can wear it several different ways- most are very nursing friendly!

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