How I KonMari Baby Clothes

While opening up the stored clothes from my first boy, to use for my second, I was annoyed to find that I had kept way more than I needed (we moved this crap across the country?!) and a lot of it was stuff I really did not like. I felt obligated to put it on the baby, but I didn’t feel good about it. The poor guy looked like a ragamuffin.

Finally, I decided enough was enough. Time to KonMari this stuff! The goal is the same as with my own clothing: to only own the things that the baby actually wears a ton, and that he & I both really like.

But “spark joy” seems like too high a bar for stuff that can get poop-splosioned at any moment. Baby clothes are more like a combination of clothes and tools — they’re utilitarian. Like KonMari says, a hammer may not “spark joy” per se, but it is extremely useful, and that is equivalent.

ShepPat Baby Clothing Rules:

(1) Discard if it has unfixable stains or holes.

(2) Donate if baby has never actually worn it — and especially if  in addition, it no longer fits. Let someone else who will actually use it enjoy it.

(3) Ask yourself, “Do I feel good about my baby wearing this?” Possible reasons why not: it doesn’t go with anything else, it doesn’t fit well, it seems like it may be uncomfortable for baby, or you just don’t like it. (“Ladies’ Man” on a onesie? Not my bag.)

And for sentimental items, allow yourself 1, 2 max, per child. For me, that’s the newborn rainbow stripe onesie and blue hat that my first boy wore out of the hospital. (My second boy wore the onesie, too.) And these must truly spark joy. In my case, when I hold them, they almost bring me to tears, the nostalgia is so powerful.

That’s it!

Using this method, I plowed through all my stored baby clothes in less than an hour, even with a big kid underfoot (baby was napping).

Here are the 6-12 month clothes (including newborn stuff):

6-12 month KM

Left: discard/donate. Right: keep. I halved my stash! (See the rainbow onesie at the top? Sniff!)

Here are the 12-18 month clothes:

18 Month BA KM

Left: discard/donate (and a nice photobomb). Right: keep. Almost all of it went. Baby #1 did not wear onesies at this age, but baby #2 does, so I got him a few nice ones that fit.

Next, I organized all of baby’s clothing KonMari style, using containers I already had around. Most of it is under his changing table downstairs (see below), and the rest is upstairs in a drawer with his sleep sacks. (Note: the Perrier can box is perfect for baby stuff.)

Pauls clothes

Selecting his clothes is so much nicer now. It gives me that lovely, magical KonMari feeling — aah!

Mission accomplished!

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