C’est Si Bun! My Favorite Nursing Tops

As you may know from reading my Breastfeeding Basics, I don’t just love Bun Maternity’s nursing tops. I literally live in them.

Literally. No exaggeration. I wear one every. Single. Day! They are just the best top I have ever found for nursing, and I tried so many I had almost given up. They fit well (no built in bra — thank goodness, those things don’t even half cover me, ever), are simple to put on, and are good quality. And you just can’t beat the convenience of the design for nursing — the unsnap-pull down strap on the tanks, and the simple pull down neck of the tees, both of which can be done one-handed. The double layer designs give you the privacy and comfort of minimal flesh exposure (totally covered by baby’s head once he’s on) without having to use a nursing cover. Brilliant!

(Note: Bun’s clothes do double duty — they’re for both nursing and maternity. I haven’t worn them pregnant, so I can’t speak to that, but I do want to point it out.)

Here is my collection — which you have already seen if you’ve been following my Kon Mari posts:

Bun Konmari

Bun Maternity BB Basic Tanks ($36 – $45 on Amazon$45 on BunMaternity.com) – in Tropical Ocean (turquoise), Coral, Black, Figue (dark purple) & Dazzle Blue. Here is the Dazzle Blue in a brelfie (that is, a breastfeeding selfie) last summer, when my little guy was three months or so:


Love that shade of blue. And here is the Tropical Ocean in another brelfie, taken just the other day with my now ten month old:

Aqua Tank

And two Bun Maternity BB Basic Tees ($28 – $36 on Amazon) – in Grey & Coral. Here is the Grey:

Bun BB Basic Tee

For all items, I am in a size Medium. It’s a good fit. For reference, I’m 5’2”, and basically a 4 on the bottom and a 6-8 on top due to the rack, hourglass shape. A little thicker than usual right now because I haven’t bounced back all the way from baby #2, yet!

To thank me for spreading the word about their tops, Bun reached out and offered to send me some clothes to try as gifts! So nice. I accepted, of course!

The First Package: Dresses & Tanks

First, Bun sent me a package with a couple of dresses — the maxi, and the cocoon dress — and a couple of tanks. First, the dresses:

Fashion and Function combine to make the best maternity and nursing tank tops for moms and moms to be. Breastfeed easily and discreetly and wear these tops before, during, and well after pregnancy while feeling beautiful. Bun Maternity, nursing, and beyond. Stylish Snap nursing tank tops and pregnancy fashions.

Bun Tunic Cocoon Dress in Navy ($84)

Bun Maxi

Bun Long Kaftan Maxi in Black ($99)

Here is the maxi on me:

bun dress (2)

Ehhhh. I didn’t love it. It made me feel too top-heavy, something I actively try to avoid.

I didn’t take a photo of the Cocoon Dress (oops), but it looked totally shapeless on me. Again, same issue — instead of draping down nicely, the fabric was sent out several inches by my rack. It gave the effect of wearing a large sack. If I wanted to hide everything, it would be perfect for that. But I don’t!

I think both dresses would be much more flattering on someone with a smaller bust to body ratio, and/or more height. (Empire waists are not my friends, because I have neither of those qualities.) Because I only like to have clothes I love — or that spark joy, ahem — I sent them back to Bun with my feedback.

So, I’m still dying for a dress I can nurse in this summer. I’m so desperate, I’m about to try to alter my favorite maxi dress, which I’m loathe to do in case I screw it up. So if anyone has any leads, PLEASE ADVISE!

As for the tanks, Bun sent a BB Basic Tank in Figue ($45) and a Swing Tank in Black ($45).

The BB Tank was great — I loved the deep, rich purple color. I happily added it to my Bun tank collection. However, I wasn’t crazy about the Swing Tank. Same problem as the Cocoon Dress — it was too baggy/shapeless on my disproportionately large bust. So back it went. It looks great on the model though:

Swing Tank Black

The Second Package: Tops

The second shipment Bun sent me was two more items — their new Softie Tee in Grey ($38), and the Cozy UP Nursing Poncho in Black ($55). Here is the tee:

Bun Softie Nursing Tee

Bun Softie Nursing Tee in Gray ($38)

This time, we have a winner! Here is the tee on me:

Bun New Tee

The Softie is more fitted than the BB Basic Tee (which I no longer see on the website, though it is still on Amazon?) with thicker & stretchier material. It has a deeper double V neck, and is also significantly longer. I think it looks really cute! It doesn’t skim over the stomach area like the BB Basic does, so it is definitely more revealing. But I like it! I am happy to put it into my Bun top daily rotation.

And here is the poncho:

Bun Nursing Poncho Black

Cozy UP Nursing Poncho in Black ($55)

And the Shepardia version:

Bun Poncho Trio

The fabric on this one is really nice — very thin, drapy, soft and sheer, so it transcends the seasons and could be dressed up or down. Despite its sheerness, the color is really a deep, true black, which I love — the other colors look pretty as well. It has a double layer of fabric in front, and a single in back. And it is extremely comfortable, as you might imagine. I really like it!

The poncho is also a stylish substitute for a nursing cover. It gives a lot of coverage and privacy without actually covering the baby (though you could drape the top layer over the baby’s head if you wanted to — I just pushed it aside and it worked great). I would totally wear it with a regular tank top that has to be yanked down to nurse, as it would provide some modesty there. (Light bulb: I can wear it with my non-nursing maxi dress this summer!)

As a combination nursing accessory and clothing item, I think the poncho would make an awesome gift for a new mom!

So, I happily kept the second shipment — thank you so much, kind people at Bun!

C’est si BUN!

Bun also kindly passed along the following coupon code: BUNLOVE takes 25% off orders over $50.

Also, I want to mention that Bun’s products are MADE IN THE USA. Which is wonderful. So yes, that’s perhaps another reason they are pricier than some other nursing/maternity clothes out there (besides the quality construction, materials & design). But you know, there are *hidden costs* to a lot of those super cheap clothes that are so abundant these days. (Learn more about that here: Who Made Your T-Shirt? The Hidden Cost of Cheap Fashion.) People are paying the price for those super cheap clothes. Just not us. So, I’m grateful that Bun made this choice.

And while we are on cost, I must point out that the cost per wear on these babies has been ridiculously low for me. I mean, it must be pennies per day at this point. Maybe even negative money. I can’t afford NOT to have them!

Do you have any great nursing clothes finds, especially for well-endowed mamas like myself? Please share in the comments!

Bun gifted me the dresses and swing tank (all returned to them), BB tank, Softie tee, and Poncho above without any expectation, request, or knowledge that I would blog about them — so cool — THANK YOU, BUN! As always, all opinions are totally my own. 

A note on fabric care: I machine wash my BB Basic Tanks and Tees. I put the Tanks in the dryer, but lay the Tees flat to dry. (I will do the same with my new Softie Tee and Poncho.)


  1. Kelly

    Hi Patricia–your recent blog posts popped up on my blogger dashboard! Thanks for sharing this nursing gear info. My youngest is now 2 and done nursing, but I’m going to pass your recommendations on to my sister who is expecting her first. Hope you are all doing well!! ~Kelly (from MOMS club in VA!)

    • Hey Kelly!!! How are you?! I’m so glad I popped up on your dashboard. It is great to hear from you! Thanks for reading and sharing. I hope to post more in the future, as I now have some leads on nursing dresses…Are you still in Alexandria? I started a chapter here in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY!!!

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