Welcome to my personal, comprehensive guide to all things breastfeeding. I have experienced almost every breastfeeding challenge and hardship out there, and getting through to the other side — whether by choosing to bottle feed or successfully establishing a breastfeeding relationship — is one of my proudest achievements in life, and one that is very near to my heart.

If you need a friendly ear from a fellow mom who’s been around the block a couple of times — me! — I am happy to chat with you and offer support. You can reach me either through my contact form (to the right on the sidebar), via email at hello @ patriciashepard.com, or in the Comments.

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Part 1: Make a Postpartum Plan.

Part 2: Educate Yourself About Breastfeeding Multidimensionally.

Part 3: Details on How to Do Part 2.

Part 4: My Recommended Breastfeeding Gear & Accessories.

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KellyMom.com. An excellent resource on all things breastfeeding. I also love their Facebook page, where they share great information and the latest news.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a lactation educator/consultant, just a mom with some hard won battle scars who wants to help my sisters by sharing my experience. Breastfeeding is not a medical phenomenon. Nothing I say on this site should ever be considered medical or legal advice. As always, these are all my own unbiased, honest opinions & beliefs. Feel free to disagree, it’s a free country. Ok? Ok!