Book Review: Kitchen Confidential

Today’s report: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

I’ve moved to a slightly different (ahem, shorter) format, because I’m feeling pithy lately!

As a lifelong, diehard epicure, I’m slightly ashamed and confused as to how I made it to 2017 before finally reading this book. (It came out over 15 years ago?! And multiple smart people have told me to read it over the years! Sigh.) I love/worship Anthony Bourdain; I love learning about the secret worlds behind restaurants; cooking, dining, and drinking are my favorite things in the world to do.

My God, I loved this book. In it, Chef Anthony Bourdain, foul mouthed, sharp witted, and food/drink obsessed bad boy of the culinary scene, gives a primer on the often delightfully seedy underbelly of restaurants, while recounting how he came up as a chef. It is an education. And it is, in a word, delicious. I am now on a Bourdain kick, and am currently devouring A Cook’s Tour.

If you love restaurants, go read this book! Go! Now! (Unless you already have . . . in which case . . . of course you have. Only a fool would put it off for over a decade. Oh, the shame of it.)


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