Hello! I’m Patricia Shepard!

I’m an at home mom to two kiddos in Westchester, New York, on sabbatical from a law career. This site is where I share & celebrate what I’m into in this season of life. To name a few: mothering, homemaking/cooking/tidying, breastfeeding, reading & purposefully not being busy! Ahhhh!

A little more about me: I’m a proud Mexi-Québécoise-American, crossword enthusiast, bookworm, gamer, avid eater/drinker, yogini (Certified Yoga Teacher) & alum of Yale College and Stanford Law School.

Contact me at hello @ patriciashepard.com — or via the “Leave a Voicemail” button on the right. (So fun & potentially awkward!!!)

Follow me on Twitter @psshepard & Instagram @psshepard.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!